Spring 2023

Project NameClinician/Sponsor
Diagnosing Popliteal Artery Entrapment SyndromeArriyan Dowlatshahi, MD
Variable Inclination Angle CT Table for Dynamic CT MyelogramsWilliam Mehan, MD
Colonoscopy torque deviceJulia Ding, MD
Injection Verification SystemShruti Parikh
Left Atrial Appendage ClosurePatrick Willoughby, PhD
Boston Scientific
Automatic Cell Colony CounterShinji Nomura
Sumitomo Heavy Industries
Rethinking topical ocular drug deliveryNakul Singh, MD
Johns Hopkins
Pulse Detector for Use in Cardiac Arrest ResuscitationJohn Lee, MD
Clamp for Securing Medical Catheters and TubingMichael Fuenfer
Independence for people with blindness through braille labelsHilary Johnson, PhD
MIT Alum
Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis via Digital PalpationProf. Tal Cohen

Spring 2022

Project NameClinician/Sponsor
Drug storage & reminder deviceShruti Parikh
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Pre-hospital noninvasive identification of large pneumothoraxAlon Dagen, MD
Beth Israel Deaconess Emergency Medicine
Building a Novel Monitor for Infants with Congenital Heart DiseaseDanielle Sen, MD
Johns Hopkins Cardiac Surgery
Proton therapy patient positioningNagaaki Kamiguchi
Yamazaki Kazunori
Sumitomo Heavy Industries
Development of a low-cost capillary electrophoresis for cancer diagnosis in LMICKatherine Antel, MD
Edward Briercheck, MD
David Weinstock, MD
Tim Guyon
Samuel Dixon
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Improved Hydrocephalus ETV ProcedureGabriel Freidman, MD
Bryce Starr, MD
MGH Neurosurgery
Ultra-low-cost spark plug CT scanner for intra-op lumpectomy specimen evaluationJames Byrne, MD
University of Iowa, College of Medicine Radiation Oncology
Self-administration devices for therapeutic foamsRajiv Gupta, MD
MGH Neuroradiology
Left atrial appendage closurePatrick Willoughby, PhD
Brian Tischler
Boston Scientific
Facilitating a screen and treat approach in cervical cancerSonya Davey, MD
Vivek Nimgaonkar, MD
Cody Cotner, MD
Brigham & Women’s
Spacesuit cooling unitRay Barsa

2020 – 2021

Project NameClinician/Sponsor
Cardiac patch delivery tool
Presented 2021 ASME Design of Medical Devices Conference
Video | Paper
Prof. Ellen Roche
Vesicovaginal fistula occluder
ASME J. Medical Devices
Prof. Ellen Roche
Determination of Human Lung Volumes
Presented IEEE EMBC 2020
Paper | Video
Prof. Ellen Roche
Dr. Steven Mentzer
Scalp cooling system for chemo-induced hair lossProf. Gio Traverso
Improving sterility and connectivity for home peritoneal dialysisProf. Gio Traverso
Ward-level oxygen generation for emerging marketsDr. Nevan Hanumara
Dr. Ryan Carroll (MGH)
Decontaminating exhaled breaths from COVID-19 infected patientsProf. Slocum
Dr. Jay Connor, MD
Easy on and off compression socks for decongestive therapy
Presented IEEE EMBC 2020
Paper | Video
Dr. Franklin Shuler, MD

2019 – 2020

Project NameClinician/Sponsor
Better access to functional brain imagingSumitomo Heavy Industries
Monitoring surgeons’ stress and fatigue during surgery
Presented IEEE EMBC 2020
Paper | Video
Roger Dias (MGH)
Measuring perfusion in critical care patientsRyan Carroll (MGH)
Improving Lower Limb RehabilitationBart Lubberts  (MGH)
Capturing data from medical creamsLeo Pharma
Tool for fibroid surgeryJohn Petrozza (MGH)
Measuring cervical pressureAlissa Dangel (Tufts)
Needle depth insertion indication device for venipuncture
Paper | Video Presentation
Presented IEEE EMBC 2020
Paper | Video
Kent Stewart (Institut für Medizingerätetechnik)

2018 – 2019

Project NameClinician/Sponsor
Delivering visual stimuli during MEG brain imagingSumitomo Heavy Industries
Ultrasound probe support systemAaron Ross (MGH)
Optical imaging system for the middle ear to diagnose hearing loss
Masters Thesis Complete
Dennis Poe, Buzz Kenney (Children’s)
Portable device to help the physically impaired stand upAlan Ertel (Mt. Auburn)
Non-invasive sensing of breathing “work” in critically ill patientsRyan Carroll (MGH)
Preterm vaginal breech delivery device
ASME J. Medical Devices
Aliss Dangle (Tufts)
Patient aid to correct insulin syringe fillingRichard Gyory, Bo Yang Yu (Becton Dickinson)
Delivery system for visceral organ repair compound
Winner 2019 Design of Med. Devices Conference Student Showcase
Steve Mentzer (Brigham)
Distal radius fixation deviceJay Connor (Mt. Auburn)

2017 – 2018

Project NameClinician/Sponsor
Calf Stretching Device for Peripheral Arterial DiseaseMazen Albaghdadi (MGH)
Lower Extremity Fracture FixationMazen Albaghdadi (MGH)
Crank-Powered OtoscopeMichael Fuenfer (MGH)
In-Home DialysisFraser MacDonald & Franklin Segall (Mt. Auburn)
Cardiopulmonary Assessment DeviceMaulik Majmudar (MGH)
Monocyte Separation for Analysis of Immune StatusMarc Normandin, Moses Wilks (MGH)
Adjustable Phantom for Radiotherapy Validation
ASME J. Medical Devices
Piotr Zygmanski, Yulia Lyatskaya
Personal Ambient SensorTaku Nakahara, Chiai Takeda, Hidenari Nakayama (JTI)
Center-of-Gravity Detector for Operator Fatigue
Presented 2018 IEEE EMBC
Sumitomo Heavy Industries
Innovations in Breast Cancer Surgical LocalizationConstance Lehman, Christine Edmonds, Randy Miles, (MGH)
 Blue Light Therapy for SterilizationFrank Shuler (Marshall University)

2016 – 2017

Project NameClinician/Sponsor
Compact proton beam energy modulatorKyung-Wook Jee & Hsiao-Ming Lu
Musical instrument for MEG music studies
Presented 2017 IEEE EMBC
Erik Hornberger
Sumitomo Heavy Industries
Optimizing tools for vaginal deliverySarah Lassey & Julian Robinson
Brigham and Women’s
Development of a protective lead garment support
ASME J. Medical Devices
Nishaki Mehta
Brigham and Women’s
Low pressure mattressRyan Lee
Thumb ligament mechanicsJay Connor
Mt. Auburn
Emergency naloxone deliveryTed Liao
Dehydration detection
IEEE Trans. Biomedical Engineering
Non-Non-invasive assessment of anatomic vessels, US20180296180A1, MIT TLO Licensable Technology
Maulik Majmudar
Precision medication dispenser
IEEE Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine
Praveen Meka
Brigham and Women’s
Long distance communication toolShin Watanabe & Emma Tsuji

2015 – 2016

Project NameClinician/Sponsor
Instrument for cells/vehicle injection under arthroscopyShuichi Mizuno, PhD
BWH Orthopaedic Surgery
Cuffless blood pressure monitorQuan Zhang, PhD
MGH Psychiatry and Neurology
Hand surgery toolsJay Connor, MD
Mt. Auburn Hospital
SABR – surigcal acoustic biofilm removalFranklin Shuler, MD
Marshall University Orthopaedic Surgery
Device for assessment of frailtyMaulik D. Majmudar, MD
MGH Cardiology
Mechano-chemical stimulation of bioengineered 3D tooth constructs
Precision Engineering
Pamela Yelick, MD
Tufts University Orthodontics
Happiness MonitorCorporate Sponsor
Swim BraceBrandy Baker
Asthma integrated management systemChristopher Fanta, MD
Brigham & Women’s Asthma Center
Bioreactor System for patient derived cell & tissue cultureChristian Hirt, MD, PhD
Dana Farber Radiation Oncology

2014 – 2015

Project NameClinician/Sponsor
Mallet finger splintJay Connor, MD
Mt. Auburn Hospital
Compliant dental molar implantGili Naveh. MD
Harvard Dental Medicine
Visually guidable suction catheter and applications in ICUGeorge Cheng, MD
Pulmonary Critical Care
Allowing two handed endoscopic ear surgeryMichael Cohen, MD
Mass Eye & Ear
Wearable defibrillator for survivors of acute myocardial infarctionMaulik D. Majmudar, MD
MGH Cardiology
Development of customized ankle foot orthoticsBrandy Baker
Semi-automated tube thoracostomy insertion systemTomaz Mezar, MD
MGH Surgery
A Remote-Sensing Pulse Oximetry DeviceMichael M. Fuenfer, MD
MGH Pediatric ICU

2013 – 2014

Project NameClinician/Sponsor
A Rapid Cooling Device for Induction of Hypothermia Among Victims of Cardiac ArrestMaulik D. Majmudar, MD
MGH Cardiology
Emergency Tourniquet
Commercial ProductRapidStop Tourniquet
Jay Connor, MD
Mt. Auburn Hospital
Accurate Bone DrillAmbrose Huang, MD
MGH Radiology 
Prevention of Pressure Ulcers in Spinal Cord Injury Patients via Global Positioning System TechnologiesVidya Jayawardena, MD
VA Boston, Spinal Cord Injury
Simplified DermatomeRobert Sheridan, MD
Novel Resectoscope for Increased Patient Safety, Decreased Surgeon Pain During Urologic SurgeryJoseph Ciccone, MD
BWH Urology
Device and Method for Diagnosing Eustation Tube DysfunctionGeorge “Buzz” Kenney
Dennis Poe
Children’s Otolaryngology 
Improved Delivery System for HCG TherapyRavi Kacker, MD
BIDMC Surgery (Urology)
Omax Design & Solar PVSpecial Projects

2012 – 2013

Project NameClinician/Sponsor
Optimization of intra-aortic balloon pumpT. Anthony Anderson, PhD, MD
MGH Anesthesia
Portable infant warmerMichael M. Fuenfer, MD
MGH Pediatric ICU
Bandage for US Navy dolphinsStephen Ferrara, MD, CDR, MC, USN
Roderick C. Borgie, MD
Eric Jensen
US Navy
Electrosurgery energy measuring methodKamal Itani, MD VA
Boston, Surgery
Cardiac fluid status monitor
Maulik D. Majmudar, MD
Brigham & Women’s Emergency
Improved single lumen endotracheal tubeIan Makey, MD
BIDMC Cardio Thoracic Surgery
Uterine manipulator
Presented 2013 Design of Medical Devices Conference, Minneapolis, MN
John C. Petrozza, M.D.
MGH Gynecology 
UltraFast ultrasound probe sheathing
Active Patent, System and Method for Sterile Sheathing of a Medical Probe, US20190029641A1
J. Jordan Romano, MD
MGH Hospital Medicine
Endoscopic sub-mucosal dissection knifeCorporate Sponsored Project

2011 – 2012

Project NameClinician/Sponsor
A Design of New Instrument for Liver ResectionJiping Wang, MD, PhD
BWH – Surgical Oncology
Patient RepositioningAaron R. Ross, CPE
Partners  – Occupational Health
Rapid Skin Closure Device for Long Surgical IncisionsKyle R. Eberlin, M.D.
MGH – Plastic Surgery
MIS Specimen Removal – VideoIan Makey, MD
BIDMC – Cardio Thoracic Surgery
Improving Fine Needle AspirationsSareh Parangi, MD
MGH – Cancer Center
02 PumpJohn N. Kheir, M.D.
Children’s – Cardiac ICU
Dental Chair HeadrestTeruaki Ito
University of Tokushima