2.75 (G-H) | 2.750 (UG CI-M) | HST.552

Each fall we bring together clinicians, industry partners and MIT engineers to develop new medical devices that solve real clinical challenges brought to us by clinicians and industry partners. This is a senior capstone and graduate-level course.

Projects are presented at the beginning of the term, teams are formed and for the next twelve weeks teams follow a structured design process that culminates in a proof-of-concept prototype. Projects identified to have a significant impact, a committed team and a viable market can be continued into the spring term for the next level implementation.

Since 2004, this class has become a highly effective mechanism for fostering new research ideas and collaborations, with papers published, IP created and some of the projects receiving subsequent funding and launching as startups.

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Students – Fall 2020 Notice

Yes, we are offering 2.75 this semester!

Consult the 2020 Course Announcement for information on format and projects.

Where is class? – We are preparing the course for Reg Day and loading the schedule and other material into the course Canvas site. We will turn on access on September 1 and we will e-mail everyone who has pre-registered or been added manually details. Lectures will be managed through Canvas’ Zoom interface.

2020 Project Solicitations

Due to the pandemic and the need to maximize flexibility, unfortunately we do not have an open call for proposals. We are selecting projects individually related to research and existing relationships. Please feel free to reach out.

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