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77 Massachusetts Avenue, 3-470
Cambridge, MA 02139

Alexander H. Slocum, PhD
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Ellen Roche, PhD
Professor, Mechanical Engineering & IMES
Nevan Hanumara, PhD
Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering
Giovanni Traverso, MD, PhD
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Brigham & Harvard Med. School
Anthony Pennes
Instructor, Electrical Engineering
Dave Custer
Communications Instructor, Lecturer ESG
Mary Caulfield
Communications Instructor
Coby Unger
Design Guru, MIT Hobby Shop
Gim P. Hom, MS
Instructor Emeritus, Electrical Engineering
Irina Gaziyeva
Course Adminstrator
Jay Connor, MD
Class Doctor, Photographer, Surgeon at Mt. Auburn
Keegan Mendez
Teaching Assistant

Course Staff Alumni

In no special order, but everyone is special! Teaching staff, many of whom are also course alums, have gone on to become leaders in industry, professors and founders.

Folkers Rojas, PhD
Sarah Southerland
Cecil Leclerc
Yiling Fan
Julian Chacon-Castano
Aaron Ramirez, PhD
Jason Yang
Tom Cervantes
Deborah Alibrandi
Tyler Wortman, PhD
Charlie Sodini, PhD
Jacob Bayless
Anthony Wong
Brian Heberley
Toru Yagi, PhD
Conor Walsh, PhD
Just Herder, PhD
Maureen Lynch
Steve Dawson
A. Zachary Trimble, PhD
Daniel Teo
Kevin Simon, PhD
Nikolai Begg, PhD
James Meredith
Rajiv Gupta, MD, PhD
Maggie Delano, PhD
Lynn Osborn